Major Discovery by PROTEO’s Researchers

Researchers from the PROTEO consortium are breaking new ground in the complex functioning of living cells with an important discovery related to the role of protein domains and their mutation in the context of genetic diseases such as cancer. This important news was published in the journal Nature Communications, which is one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world.

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Working for three years on this project, researchers Ugo Dionne, Nicolas Bisson and Christian Landry had to show perseverance and originality to achieve this discovery that completely changes the way we see the functioning of certain key proteins in human cells. In their research, they developed a specific strategy to delete, mutate and exchange SH3 domains in yeast and humans. They were able to determine that the functions of SH3 domains are mostly controlled by their host protein. This discovery goes against the established beliefs of the scientific community. It is now possible to state that SH3 domains can regulate the functions of their host protein in several ways  and to adapt to the context in which they are found, which greatly refines our understanding of their roles in cells.

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