PROTEO Financial Support:

PROTEO is proud to offer several types of financial supports in order to help talented students or post-doctoral fellows of the Network. Here are the various supports available:


PROTEO Graduate Students Scholarships:

PROTEO Graduate Students Scholarships aim to financially help promising candidates to undertake or to pursue graduate studies within PROTEO. These scholarships improve students' CVs and help them to be more competitive in scholarship programs from governmental agencies. Another objective is to foster the establishment of new collaborations between members by supporting cosupervised graduate students. These are one year/$8000 scholarships.

For more details on how to apply:

Graduate Scholarships Guidelines

Graduate Scholarships Application Form


PROTEO Undergraduate Summer Studentships:

The objective of PROTEO Undergraduate Summer Studentships is to allow undergraduate students to do an internship in the group of a member of PROTEO. Please contact us or contact a member for more information.

Summer Studentships Guidelines

Summer Studentships Application Form

PROTEO Conference Scholarships from the Student Committee:

The goal of the Conference scholarships is to support the active participation of PROTEO graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to international conferences. These scholarships could reach $2000.

For more details on how to apply:

Conference Scholarships Guidelines

Conference Scholarships Application Form


FQRNT/PROTEO International Internship Program:

FQRNT's International Internship Program aims to foster international mobility of students whose research activities are part of the scientific program of a strategic cluster such as PROTEO. These scholarships can reach $15000 for 6 months. Please contact us for more details about deposition and evaluation process.

For more details about this program:

FRQNT website