PROTEO Graduate Students Scholarships

PROTEO Graduate Scholarships Guidelines


The objectives of PROTEO Scholarships are:

  • To financially help promising candidates to undertake or to pursue graduate studies within PROTEO;
  • To improve students’ CVs and help them to be more competitive in scholarship programs from government agencies;
  • To foster the establishment of new collaborations between members by supporting co-supervised graduate students.

Number of scholarships

  • 10 scholarships of $8,500

Scholarship competitions and application deadlines

  • The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 23 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Due to the summer season, results will be announced by mid-August.

Eligibility conditions

  • Scholarships are offered to graduate students under the direction of regular members, working on projects related to scientific themes of PROTEO.
  • A student cannot receive more than one PROTEO scholarship.
  • A student is not eligible to PROTEO scholarships – nor to any PROTEO scholarship payment – if he already receives a scholarship of an annually amount of $7000 for M.Sc. and $10000 for Ph.D, excluding contributions from PIs, tuition fees or admission scholarships.
  • A regular member can only have one student with a scholarship at any given time, then, a candidate is not eligible if a student of the same group has obtained a scholarship at one of the last two competitions.


  • Complete application material must contain a project summary (one page maximum), a CV, and a recent copy of transcripts (electronic, unofficial are acceptable).
  • Applications are evaluated according to following criteria (based on evaluation criteria of the FQRNT):
    • Excellence of academic record (cumulative average, progression of studies, duration of studies, prizes and distinctions).
    • Ability for research and relevant research experience (candidate’s experience and achievements, scientific publications and presentations).
    • Scientific quality and interest of the research project (clarity of the scientific objectives, originality of the project, contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field concerned, collaboration with other members of PROTEO, national and international collaborations, links with potential users).
    • Social implication, leadership and communication skills (organisation of conferences and meetings, nominations, volunteering, mentoring, experience as a supervisor, project management, committee chairmanship, general presentation of the application).
    • This evaluation grid can also serve as a guide for evaluators and candidates: Evaluation Grid
  • The evaluation committee, according to members’ evaluations, ranks applications in order of priority and awards the scholarships according to the order.
  • Members of the evaluation committee that are in conflict do not vote.

Scholarship payment process

  • If a candidate is no longer eligible, he is required to inform PROTEO as soon as possible so that the payments cease.

How to apply

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Marie-Hélène Pedneau

Room 3403 Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
1045, avenue de la médecine
Université Laval, Québec
Québec G1V 0A6


Phone : 418-998-2176

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PROTEO is proud to offer several types of financial supports in order to help talented students or post-doctoral fellows of the Network.