PROTEO Summer studentships (Undergraduate)

PROTEO Summer Internship Award Guidelines


The objectives of the PROTEO Summer Internship Awards are as follows :

  • To encourage the participation and integration of undergraduate students in research projects of PROTEO members;
  • Stimulate interest in undertaking graduate studies;
  • To allow students to improve their academic file and thus act as a lever to obtain grants from granting agencies;

Number of scholarships

  • 10 scholarships of $2,500

Conditions of eligibility

  • The scholarships are reserved for students doing an internship in the laboratory of a regular member, for projects related to the objectives and scientific themes of PROTEO.
  • The student must have a minimum average of 3.0/4.3.
  • A student cannot receive the scholarship more than once.
  • A student is not eligible to receive a PROTEO summer internship award if he/she is already receiving an internship award of $3000 or more, excluding faculty contributions.
  • A regular member cannot receive more than one scholarship at a time for the interns in his/her group.
  • The $2500 award must be supplemented by a minimum of $2500 by the professor.

Competition and Application Deadlines

The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, March 13, 2023 at 5:00 pm.
Results will be announced in early April.

Evaluation of applications

Each application must contain a description of the project (maximum one page), a CV of the student and a complete university transcript (unofficial electronic version accepted).

Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The excellence of the academic record (cumulative grade point average, academic progress, length of study, awards and distinctions).
  • The quality and scientific interest of the research project (clarity of scientific objectives, originality of the project, contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field, links with potential users).
  • Social involvement, leadership, and communication skills (organization of conferences and meetings, election to positions, volunteering, mentoring, project management, committee chairing, general presentation of the file).
  • The evaluation committee, based on the members’ evaluations, prioritizes the applications and awards the grants in that order.
  • Members of the evaluation committee who are in conflict do not vote.


How to apply

To apply, candidates must fill the PROTEO scholarship form and transmit complete application material (one pdf file) by email to

For students

PROTEO is proud to offer several types of financial supports in order to help talented students or post-doctoral fellows of the Network.