Winner of 1st prize in the “Protein Science in Images” 2023 competition


Name: Eve Petit
Affiliation: UdeS
Year of competition: 2023, 1st prize winner of the ” Protein Science in Images ” competition.

Photo title

The nerve of war

Photo description

The peripheral nervous system, made up of all the nerves running from the spinal column to the ends of the limbs, is fascinating because of its natural regenerative powers, which are still little understood. This scanning electron microscope image shows a mouse sciatic nerve. In particular, it shows longitudinally oriented collagen fibers interspersed with fatty tissue, which eventually form a diffuse, smoke-like cluster where the nerve has been severed. Studying the microstructure of nerves is essential to a better understanding of their mechanical behavior. This is essential if we are to develop biomaterials that mimic the mechanical properties of native nerves as closely as possible, thus enabling us to treat large-scale complete severance injuries to the peripheral nervous system.