Corinne Hoesli

Research Interests

  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Cellular Therapy
  • Diabetes
  • Biomaterials

Current Research Projects

  • Development of a vascularized bioartificial pancreas for diabetes cellular therapy
  • Surface modification of stents and other biomaterials to capture circulating endothelial progenitor cells and other regenerative cells
  • Scale up of bioencapsulation processes
  • Biomanufacturing of stem cell-derived organoids at clinically relevant scale

Tools and Expertises

  • 3D printing of living cells (bioprinting)
  • Surface modification – antibody and/or peptide immobilization (Capcyte Biotherapeutics spinoff company)
  • Perfused culture and imaging of engineered tissues
  • Bioreactors to culture human cells including stem cells

Our scientific teams