Alain Garnier

Research Interests

  • Process development for the production of recombinant proteins, viral vectors, viruses, and stem cells
  • Process development for the production of bioplastics, biofuels, and enzymes for environmental applications
  • Mathematical modeling of cellular metabolism and bioprocesses
  • Cell culture imaging
  • New methods for separation/purification of biological fluids

Current Research Projects

  • Process development for the production of a CO2-capturing enzyme.
  • Process development for the purification of an influenza vaccine.
  • Development of a new method for blood serum fractionation.
  • Development of a blood serum-free and feeder layer-free environment for skin cells culture (keratinocytes).
  • Development of methods/algorithms for stem cell imaging (project in collaboration with Dr. Carl Duchesne).
  • Design of a bacterial metabolic model from genomic information.

Tools and Expertises

  • Mass spectrometry, analytical and preparative chromatography, cell culture robotics, automated imaging.

Our scientific teams