David Chatenet

Research Interests

  • G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology
  • Peptide Engineering
  • Design of biased and/or allosteric ligands
  • G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology oligomerization

Current Research Projects

  • Study of the therapeutic potential and the pharmacological complexity of the urotensinergic system
  • Development of non-peptide allosteric modulators of the urotensinergic system
  • Design and analysis of Signal-Regulatory Protein Alpha derivatives on inflammatory responses mediated by different viruses
  • Development of Contulakin-G analogues for pain treatment
  • Development of pepducins derived from the angiotensin II type I receptor

Tools and Expertises

  • Liquid and solid phase peptide synthesis
  • Organic chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Cell culture (study of cell signaling using fluorescent or bioluminescent biosensors)

Our scientific teams