Joshua Cloutier-Beaupré

Research Interests

  • Industrial bioprocesses


Current Research Projects

  • Optimization and industrial scale-up of bioplastic production in bioreactor.
  • Optimization of the pigment production process in bioreactor.
  • Development of the nanobody production process.
  • Optimization of the fermentative process for the production of bioactive peptides and their downstream processing.
  • Optimization of the concentration and drying process of probiotic bacteria.
  • Development of a microbial growth stimulant for the production of biomolecules of pharmaceutical interest.
  • Development of an antimicrobial coating for wood treatment


Tools and Expertises

  •  Fermentation in bioreactor (laboratory scale 1L to pilot scale 700L)
  • Downstream treatment of ferments (tangential filtration/continuous centrifugation technologies)
  • Development and optimization of spray drying and freeze drying processes
  • Monitoring of enzymatic activity
  • Analytical monitoring of ferments: Nitrogen (kjeldahl), Protein (Bradford/SDS PAGE), Organic carbon (TOC), Sugars and organic acids (HPLC), Alcohol (GC)EN version

Our scientific teams