Marc-Antoine Lauzon

Research Interests

Tissue engineering, neurosciences, functional biomaterials, 3D cell culture under perfusion flow, mathematical modelling of biological processes, cell responses to growth factors, drug delivery systems

Current Research Projects

  • Regeneration of the nervous system using a 3D dynamic culture platform (perfusion bioreactor)
  • Development and characterization of functional biomaterials promoting the recruitment, guidance, and growth of cells from the nervous system for tissue engineering applications
  • Development, characterization, and mathematical modelling of chemokine delivery systems targeting glioblastoma

Tools and Expertises

  • Perfusion bioreactor platforms
  • 3D printing (FFD, SLA)
  • 3D Bio-printing
  • Cell behavior at the contact of biomaterials
  • Synthesis and characterization of active principles (e.g. growth factors, chemokines, peptides, etc.) delivery systems (e.g. hydrogel, nanoparticles, etc.)

Our scientific teams