Noémie-Manuelle Dorval-Courchesne

Research Interests

  • Biologically-derived materials and devices
  • Protein-based materials
  • Engineered living materials
  • Sustainable biocomposites
  • Nanobiomaterials

Current Research Projects

  • Synthesis of self-assembling collagenous and amyloid-like protein materials with novel functions
  • Fabrication of sustainable protein-based bioplastics
  • Design, synthesis and evolution of protein-based bioelectronics
  • Engineering of “living” responsive wearables

Tools and Expertises

  • Molecular biology, cloning and protein expression in E. coli
  • Optoelectronic characterization of biomaterials
  • Nano and micro-scale spectroscopic, structural and mechanical characterization of materials
  • Bioprocesses

Our scientific teams