Pierre-Luc Boudreault

Research Interests

  • Drug discovery
  • Medicinal and peptidomimetic chemistry
  • Computer-assisted drug design
  • Pharmacology (PK/PD)

Current Research Projects

  • Exploring the chemical space of GPCRs (APJr, NTS1/NTS2, AT1r)
  • Macrocycle design and synthesis (Protein-protein interactions)
  • Novel molecular transporters
  • Type 2 Transmembrane Serine Protease inhibitors (TTSPs)
  • Emerging class of antibiotics
  • Development of resistance-free antivirals
  • Design and synthesis of Macrocyclic Epitope Mimics (MEMs) for superior antibody

Tools and Expertises

  • Organic, peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis
  • Molecular modeling, computer-assisted drug design
  • Solid-phase synthesis of chemical libraries
  • Pre-clinical evaluation of lead compounds (stability, toxicity, permeability, pharmacokinetics)
  • Analysis, characterization, and purification of organic compounds (UPLC-MS, Prep-HPLC-MS, NMR, etc.)

Our scientific teams